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I take care of my skin religiously since my early 20's. I enjoy the different aspects of beauty including hair, make-up and skincare. I'm so happy that I work in the beauty industry. I'm in my 40's now, and I'm so glad that I've been taking care of my skin since my early 20's. My skin is really healthy for 40's skin. We can't make healthy & beautiful skin in just one day. We just have to keep taking care of our self. Today, I'd like to introduce my favorite easy to use skincare products.



On the left,

Obaji Professional-C serum 20%   

This vitamin C serum is my THE must have product in my life right now. Did you just wonder if it's OK to apply vitamin C on my face? Vitamin C is one of the most popular and powerful skin care ingredients. Vitamin C defends the skin against damaging free radicals that cause fine lines and stimulates collagen!!  It will help your skin be firm and plump!!  How do I use this? I use about 5 drops of this product after I wash my face. Wait about 3 minuets to make sure this goes into skin, then start my regular skin care. I really believe that this product is helping me a lot to have younger than my real age skin.  :) Available at Amazon.



On the right,

Dr Ci labo aqua-collagen-gel enrich lift-ex 

Don't have time to take care of your skin? I'm a mother, I don't have time for my self so what do I do? Do nothing after I wash my face? My answer is "NO WAY NOT DOING ANYTHING AFTER I WASH MY FACE ! I HAVE TO APPLY SOMETHING AFTER I WASH MY FACE! OTHERWISE, MY SKIN WILL DRY OUT AND I WILL GET WRINKLES." When I am busy and don't have much time to use serum etc. this product is my best friend. Dr Ci labo enrich lift gel is an all in one gel. It covers eight steps of the daily skin care routine. (toner, emulsion, serum, eye treatment cream, facial cream, massage cream, facial mask, and makeup base)  It's an ideal product for busy moms! But I still think it is best to take the time to take care of your skin when you have the time. Every little bit you do now counts. Treat skin care like an investment, doing a little care every day will help maintain healthy skin into your future. Available at Amazon.

スキンケアをしてる時間がない?私も母として毎日忙しくしていて、スキンケアなどする時間がない!って時もあります。そんな時でも、顔を洗った後何も付けないって事は絶対にない。なぜなら、乾燥が、しわ、たるみの最大の原因となるから。でも、時間がない。そんな時はこのDr Ci labo enrich lift gelが役立つ。これは、一つのジェルが、8つの役割(化粧水、乳液、美容液、目元専用クリーム、フェイシャルクリーム、マッサージクリーム、マスク、メイクアップベース)を果たすという優れもの。これは、忙しいお母さん達の強い味方やな。でも、時間がある時はちょっと時間をかけてこつこつお肌のお手入れをする事は、あなたの10年後、20年後の肌の状態を大きく変えると、私は、信じてます。スキンケアは貯金みたいなもん。毎日コツコツが、あなたの将来の綺麗を大きく左右します。


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