Fundraising Event For A Public School in New York City

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My son goes to a public school in New York City. I wrote about My first experience with a New York public school in a past blog. If you haven't read it, you can read it here

I grew up with a Japanese public school education so I am not familiar with the American education system at all. I was surprised with the many differences between the New York City public school and the Japanese public school that I am familiar with. For example, I had art, music, physical education and calligraphy classes. But, in New York, the given budget from the City is not enough to have those classes. Fortunately, my son is going to a great school with great teachers which include art, music and dance classes. Another great thing about my son's school is that the parents in the school are very involved and volunteer to raise money for the school a lot. I decided to do what I can for the school fundraising and I offered 2 days of kid's hair cutting in a vintage clothing store recently. The kid's and parents smiles made me so happy. The root of a hair stylist's job is to make your client happy. I'm glad that I chose this job for my life. I'm very happy that I can use my skills for the school fundraising and help make people happy at the same time.  I will continue to raise money for the New York Public School.

私のもうすぐ5歳になる息子は、ニューヨーク市内の公立の幼稚園に通っています。以前にブログにて、My first experience with a New York public school(初めてのニューヨーク市立学校での体験)という記事を書いていますので、まだご覧になってない方は、ココから読めますので、良かったら読んでくださいね。



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