Family trip to Japan - Part 8 - Otsu, Lake Biwa Cruise

Today is our last day in Shiga prefecture. We pack into two cars and head over to Otsu for a Biwa-ko/Biwa Lake cruise on the Michigan, a paddle boat. The paddle boat Michigan has been offering cruises in Lake Biwa since 1982. Shiga prefecture and Michigan State are sister cities. In the past, students from Michigan State University would come to Shiga prefecture to study and work on the Michigan cruise. 

After the cruise, we make a brief stop at the arcade center nearby to take some photos in the purikura photo booths. The purikura area has costumes, dressing area, and a vanity area for makeup. After we take the photos we all head over to my wife’s middle sister’s home which is in the neighborhood. My wife and I take a walk around the neighborhood to view more sakura/cherry blossoms while the kids play.

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