Good Tools For A Kid's Haircut At Home

I have been a hairstylist for over 15 years. Giving a haircut to a child is not easy for me even to this day. Since I became a mother, I cut my son's hair often at home. In the process, I discovered easy hair cutting tools for a child haircut. Today, I would like to introduce to you some convenient hair cutting tools for a child's haircut at home. The first thing I would like to tell you is, DO NOT ever cut a child's hair with paper scissors. I guarantee you will mess up your child's hair cut with paper scissors. Get hair cutting scissors. Most of us (hairstylist) use scissors that cost over $500 per scissor. You don't have to have an expensive one like this. but you need to have a pair of real hair cutting scissors. I found a pair of Japanese scissors set called ZZZRT at Amazon. The set comes with hair cutting scissors, thinning scissors, and thinning razor for $60. When I cut my son's hair at home I use a unique hair cutting cape. This cape looks like an inverted umbrella to catch hair clippings as you cut your kid's hair. By using this cape, the neck, clothes, and floor are protected, It will help save you time to clean the floor, and may help make your child more relaxed and comfortable. My favorite clipper to cut children's hair is a cordless clipper called peanuts from Wahl. I use this peanuts clipper with a cord at work which works great. At work, I just turn the hair cutting chair when the cord is a bit short. When I cut my child's hair, I often have him watch a movie or something. This helps keep him from moving too much during the hair cut. I have to move around him so a cordless clipper is so much easier to manage. If you are cutting your child's hair at home, it is good to invest in the right tools to help make it easier to cut hair and give your child a good haircut.


Rock Mama NYC lifestyle blog-Good Tools For A Kid's Haircut At Home

Before haircut, always brush your child's hair. I recommend to use a Wet brush. The brush is gentle for children's hair. 

お子様の髪を切る前は、必ずブラッシングをしてください。私のおすすめブラシは、Wet hairです。

Rock Mama NYC lifestyle blog-Good Tools For A Kid's Haircut At Home

I  use this unique hair cutting cape when I cut my son's hair at home. It will catch the hair and I don't need to clean the floor too much! 


Rock Mama NYC lifestyle blog-Good Tools For A Kid's Haircut At Home
Rock Mama NYC lifestyle blog-Good Tools For A Kid's Haircut At Home

This clipper doesn't have a cord! Great for kid's haircut.  I like the Peanuts cordless clipper.

コードレスのクリッパーは子供のヘアカットをする時にとても便利。Peanuts cordless clipperおススメです。


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