Being a Parent of a New York City Public School Student

Rock Mama NYC lifestyle blog-Been Parents Of New York City Public School Student
Rock Mama NYC lifestyle blog-Been Parents Of New York Cit
Rock Mama NYC lifestyle blog-Been Parents Of New York Cit

I grew up with a Japanese public school education. Usually, Japanese summer break starts at the end of July and August. I even went to school on Saturday when I was in elementary school in Japan. ( Now, children in Japan have Saturdays off) My son who is in public school in NYC had summer break starting at the end of June and started the new school year on September 8th. Before summer break is over, we get a letter from the teacher about what to bring to school. The first year, I was surprised to see paper towels, tissue paper, band-aids, copy paper on the list. From my experience in Japanese school, the items are always available at the school. We didn't need to bring any supplies like that. We pay huge taxes to living in NYC, but in New York City, the given budget is not enough to buy the necessary things in school life. Also, if the parents and community don't donate money to the public schools in NYC , the school can't have art or music classes. Fortunately, my son is going to a great school with great teachers and parent community which include art, music and dance classes. On of the great things about my son's school is that the parents in the school are very involved and volunteer to raise money for the school a lot. I offer fundraising kid's haircut event every year. You can read about my last fundraising event from here. I love living and raising my son in NYC, but I can't help wonder why the governments budget for schools are not meeting the needs?



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