Family Trip to Japan - Part 3 - Sanomiya, Kobe

A week has passed since our arrival in Japan and today my mother in law and two nephews come to visit us for several days in Kobe. Since it is also Spring break in Japan, it is a great opportunity for my son and his two cousins to spend time together and bond in a new environment. They have lots of fun rough housing, running around and eating, this is also a good opportunity for the adults to catch up and chat.

We start the afternoon by picking them up at the JR Sanomiya train station which is always bustling with people during the day. We stop at a really nice bakery called Boulangerie Comme Chinoise, a charming place with many different varieties of breads and other daily lunch specials.

After lunch, some play time for the kids followed by a stroll around the Sanomiya shotengai, streets that are shopping areas that connect to the nearest train stations. This particular shotengai is quite vast, covered, and closed to traffic, great for walks with kids. We also pass through koka-shita, a long stretch of special interest retail shops under the JR train line. Koka-shita is very unique and the walkway is very narrow and retail spaces very small. Before we head to dinner, we make one last stop at Ikuta Jinja to show our son how to pay your respect at a temple.

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On the next day we take the kids for a walk through the neighborhood via the shotengai to visit Meriken Park and the Kobe Earthquake Memorial in the park. It is a good deal of walking and we cover a lot of ground. We walk the shotengai and look at the various storefronts, pass by Chinatown, and make a pit stop at a game arcade. After the park, we make our way back to the Sanomiya area and stop for lunch at a kaiten sushi restaurant on the dining floor of a new department store. It seems our kids really like sushi, and kaiten sushi is more fun and affordable than going to a traditional sushi restaurant. In Japan, the top floors of department stores are usually a dining floor with many different kinds of restaurants, and in the basement and sub-basement level are food courts with many prepared foods to go, as well as a grocery store. I have found that the fish area usually have excellent choice of fish, prepared sashimi, and sushi. The sub basements are often connected to chikagai, underground shopping areas connecting to train stations. One can get to their destination traveling these areas while also window shopping or shopping at the many varieties of shops.

Tomorrow we head to Shiga for a week...

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その日の午後、お義母さんと甥達を迎えにいつも人でいっぱいなJR三宮駅に行き、その後、お義母さんおススメの美味しいパン屋さんブランジェリーコム シノワに向かって、ランチをいただきました。このパン屋さんは美味しい事はもちろん、内装も素敵で本当よい時間を過ごせました。




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