Family Trip to Japan - Part 4 - Shiga, Lake Biwa Museum

It is a week since our arrival in Japan and the time has come to make our next move. We make our way to my wife’s family in Shiga Prefecture; we will stay for one week. Another train ride from Kobe takes us through Osaka, Kyoto and finally, Shiga. A bus ride and a walk up the mountain and we arrive at our destination, about two hours door to door. A festive time with family gathered, kids playing and adults talking and catching up.


For our first adventure in Shiga, my wife’s two sisters, their children, and mother all gather, together we take a trip to visit the Lake Biwa Museum, a perfect option for 10 people on a rainy spring day.  The museum has an interesting variety of exhibits, installations, hands on areas, and an aquarium.

The kids enjoy the museum and the adults enjoy having everyone together.

-         Shiga Prefecture forms part of the Kansai region in the western part of Honshu Island. It encircles Lake Biwa, the largest freshwater lake in Japan. The capital is called Otsu.

-          For more information on Shiga visit:

-         For more information on Lake Biwa Museum visit:

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