Family Trip to Japan - Part 5 - Igaryu Ninja Museum

For our next adventure we take a drive through the mountainous country side to visit the Igaryu Ninja Museum. It is a beautiful spring day to drive through the mountains and countryside. We pass through an area called Shigaraki known pottery called Shigarakiyaki. We make a brief stop at one of the shops that sell ceramic statues of raccoons; the statues are known to bring good luck.

When we arrive in Iga, the two youngest boys, my son included, are excited to be able to wear ninja outfits and visit the museum. The place that rents the ninja outfits is an interesting place; a tea house/café which sells gifts, and rents ninja outfits. The owner of the salon seems to be known for his quirkiness and it appears that some people come to the salon specifically for him.

The ninja museum has exhibits and ninja performances. The performers demonstrate the different weapons and how they are used and performed some hand to hand combat. There is also some audience participation. The museum is very popular with the many children in ninja outfits and without running around the area.

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