Family Trip to Japan - Part 6 - Kyoto

Today my wife and I head out to visit Kyoto. We leave our son with his grandmother, aunt and cousins. It is the perfect time to experience the cherry blossoms and the different aspects Kyoto has to offer.

We can only visit a limited amount of places since our time is very limited. Our first destination after we settle into our hotel is to view the evening sakura at Maruyama Park. The area is packed with tourists from all over the world. We couldn’t have been any luckier as the cherry blossoms have just gone into full bloom. Certain areas in Kyoto are extremely packed with tourists from all around the world including Japan especially at this time of year to experience the cherry blossoms.

The following morning we head out early to visit Kiyomizu temple. A beautiful spring morning makes a perfect background for the temple and the cherry blossoms. It was a good day to see Kyoto and the mountains around it. Afterwards, we head over to enjoy a lunch at Iyemon Salon Kyoto, a renowned tea house. After lunch, we walk our way back to Kyoto station through the different neighborhoods and do some light gift shopping, pick up an assortment of food and condiments, and head back to Shiga.

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