Reasons Why We love Raising Our Son In NYC ニューヨークでの子育てが好きな理由

Reasons Why We love Raising Our Son In NYC ニューヨークでの子育てが好きな理由 1
Reasons Why We love Raising Our Son In NYC ニューヨークでの子育てが好きな理由 2
Reasons Why We love Raising Our Son In NYC ニューヨークでの子育てが好きな理由 3
Reasons Why We love Raising Our Son In NYC ニューヨークでの子育てが好きな理由 4

Do you think raising a child in NYC is harder than another city? Do you think you better move away from NYC after your child is born? I have a 6 year old son who was born in NYC. Many people ask me If we want to move away from NYC because it's  hard to raise a child in the city. We never raised a child in another place. NYC is the only place I'm experiencing motherhood. I think raising a child is never easy whereever you live. I can't compare NYC to another city. I can only say is that we love raising our son in NYC. Today, I would like to share reasons why I love raising our son in the NYC.


1. Diversity - In NYC. you see, meet and talk to many different kinds of people. My son seees many different  kinds of races, cultures and gay people everyday. Everyone is different and that is normal to him. 

1. ニューヨークは人種のるつぼ!毎日いろんな肌の色の違い、宗教の違い、ゲイの人達に会うし、息子も色んな人たちがいて当たり前。みんな人それぞれ。個性を尊重するという姿勢が小さい頃から備わりとても良かったと思いました。

2. Parks - NYC has many great kid's parks. We can walk from park to park. They offer many cool free evenst all year around.

2. ニューヨークの公園は素晴らしい!子供の専用の綺麗な公園もたくさんあるし、公園から公園まで歩いて移動できる。そして、そこ園では年中魅力的な子供向け無料イベントが開催されています。ワクワクすることが子供の公園でもいっぱいです。

My favorite parks in NYC. 私の好きな公園の紹介です。

The Best Holiday Market In NYC To Go With Your Child - Bryant Park

Kid's Fest At The Madison Square Park 

Pier 2 Roller Rink At Brooklyn Bridge Park 

The Best Water Park for Kid's In New York City - Pier51

3. Art & Music - NYC has a lot of  great art and music within walking distance. 

3. 本格的なアート、音楽が身近にあること。

4. I never feel stuck - This is a very important thing for me. I have to be happy to make my family happy. When my son was very young. I was with him all the time. Everyday I took him to a kid's park. My typical day was going  to the super market, going to a park ,coming home and making dinner. If I was living in the country side. I would drive everywhere and I might not see many people.But,  in NYC , even when I just go to a kid's park, I see many cute cafes, boutiques and stylish people. I can stop at small cute cafe to get coffer before I go to a kid's park and enjoy watching cool people in NYC.

4. 子供が就学前は、公園をと自宅を往復するだけの日々もありましたが、そんな毎日でも退屈しなかった。ニューヨークの街中では、自宅と公園の往復でも、おしゃれなカフェ、ブティック、そしておしゃれな人たちをたくさん見かけ、ただ歩いているだけでもたくさんの刺激を受けることが出来、息つまる事があまりなかったように思います。家ではバタバタしていて、イライラしていても、一歩外に出ればニューヨークはエネルギーで満ち溢れています。そのエレルギーが、子育て中の単調な毎日に刺激を与えてくれています。

Cool spots in NYC ニューヨークのおすすめスポット

Cool Gourmet Beer & Cheese Shop In NYC - Malt and Mold 

The Bowery Market 

New Food Court In Union Square - Union Fare 

East Village Vintage Collective 

The Cafe at The Standerd Hotel East Village 

Bonnie Slotnick CookBooks - Cute CookBook Store In The East Village 


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